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- July 1st, 2020 Posted in News

Nick Shave, who takes over today as Chair of UKspace, the trade association of the UK space industry, has described space as a “critical strategic asset for the nation” and called for “even greater collaboration between the space industry and Government as a new National Space Strategy is developed.”

Nick, who is Vice President for Strategic Programmes at Inmarsat, assumes the role from Graham Peters who was in the post since March 2018. Recognising Graham’s contribution to raising the profile of the UK’s space industry, Nick said: “On behalf of the sector, I would like to pay tribute to Graham for his strong commitment and excellent leadership over the past two years, which has moved the space sector forward significantly in a number of areas.”

Looking ahead to his time as Chair, Nick added: “The UK has some of the world’s leading established space companies plus a growing innovation base with lots of great collaboration and pull through from academia. With the Government’s upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review and the Integrated Review, our sector will be a strong partner to help the Government meet its policy objectives to support the economy to bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic. The space sector is ready to work alongside the UK Space Agency, the Ministry of Defence, other Government Departments, and academia to deliver the capability and services needed to grow the sector towards the prosperity goal shared by industry and Government of 10% of the global space market by 2030.

“I’m very much looking forward to starting my role on behalf of the whole UK space industry, representing the full value chain including services, manufacturing, applications providers and SMEs, as we deliver growth for the future of our sector nationally and internationally. Working together, we can enable the UK to become a modern space power.”

Alongside Nick, John Hanley, Vice President Consulting Services – Space, Defence and Intelligence, UK at CGI, will be working as Vice-Chair UKspace for the same period. It is the custom and practice in UKspace that the Vice-Chair will then assume the role of Chair for the following two years, from July 2022.

UKspace President, Will Whitehorn, said: “The UK space industry is at a crucial stage in its growth as the nation looks beyond Covid-19 and Brexit, towards an uncertain world in which this country has to play a key role as a space-faring nation. We welcome Nick as Chair. He has vast experience of operating on both the global and national stage at Inmarsat, and indeed within UKspace. He will now be able to build on the key role that Graham Peters has played in kicking off the sector’s response to Covid-19 and help build a strategy for our industry and nation out at the final frontier.”

Graham Peters, who now takes over as Treasurer of UKspace, added: “It’s been a great honour to serve as Chair of UKspace during an extraordinary period of change for the UK space sector and for the trade association. With the UK’s civil and military space interests starting to converge, it is fitting that Nick, with his strong background in defence, takes up the role as Chair. I look forward to working as Treasurer with Nick and John over the next two years.”

About Nick Shave
Nick is Vice President for Strategic Programmes at Inmarsat. He is a member of the leadership team in the Global Government business unit, responsible for engagement with Inmarsat’s senior government customers and the delivery of strategic programmes and partnerships. In a 25-year career in the space sector, he has performed a range of engineering, business development and managerial roles at leading organisations across Europe. He is educated to MBA level and also holds an MSc in Spacecraft Technology and Satellite Communications from University College London. In addition to his UKspace role, he serves as co-chair of the National Cyber Security Centre Space Information Exchange (SPIE). He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society where he is also a Council Member.​