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- April 5th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorised

5 April 2013 – Matt Perkins – Vice-Chair, UKspaceDr. Matt Perkins, CEO of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), has been elected Vice-Chair of the UK Industry Association for Space (UKspace), the trade association of the UK space industry.

UKspace aims to grow the UK space industry, promote awareness for the industry in government, media and the public, and act as a forum for discussion about industry challenges. It has played an important role in recent achievements such as the expansion of the Harwell Space Cluster, the establishment of a Satellite Applications Catapult Centre and the increasing the UK’s commitment to European Space Agency (ESA) activities.

Dr. Matt Perkins said: “This is a pivotal time for the UK space industry, with Government recognising and supporting our high tech manufacturing and service industries to achieve economic growth and skills development. I believe the UK now has a strong foundation to make a big impact in the global space market and I am delighted that I have been appointed to lead this change during the next two years.”

Ruy Pinto Chair of UKspace and CTO of Inmarsat Group said: “As SSTL CEO, Matt represents a hotbed of space innovation in the UK and will play a valuable role in taking the industry forward and ensuring its continued influence and growth in the global space markets. I am delighted to welcome Matt to the UKspace team.”

Dr. Matt Perkins is CEO of SSTL, where he has overseen one of the largest UK cash spin-outs with the sale the company from the University Of Surrey to EADS Astrium NV. In the five years since he took up the position, the company’s revenues have quadrupled and its staff more than doubled. Dr. Perkins holds a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds, and undertook a number of senior roles within Filtronic plc before joining SSTL in 2007.

Dr. Perkins will assume the role of Vice Chair from Stuart Martin, formerly of Logica/CGI, who has been appointed CEO of the newly-formed Satellite Applications Catapult in January.