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By damian - September 24th, 2020 Posted in No comments


tpgroup is a technology services business, working to make the world a safer place, employing more than 400 highly skilled individuals across six European countries. Our people deliver mission, business and safety-critical services and equipment across three high growth sectors – space, defence and energy.

We operate through three complimentary value streams: Consulting; Digital Solutions; and Bespoke Engineering Solutions.

  • We work in partnership with national government bodies, international institutions and global prime contractors on enterprise transformation, feasibility analysis, system engineering, programme delivery and support.
  • We develop and deliver mission and safety critical systems, software tools, artificial intelligence and decision support for autonomous navigation, constellation management, collision avoidance, resource optimisation, intelligence analysis and asset management.
  • We develop life-support systems in critical workspaces, hydrogen-based renewable energy solutions, water purification, rugged electronics for harsh environments and precision engineering of high-integrity equipment.

Working with tpgroup, our customers can:

  • Make better decisions faster with our help to manage complex data across multiple high-speed channels
  • Focus on their core strengths knowing they can trust our safe, reliable and effective systems wherever they are needed
  • Transform their operations with our guidance, support and technologies
  • Look to the future and trust our experience, insight and advice