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By damian - August 17th, 2011 Posted in No comments

Telespazio VEGA

Telespazio VEGA is a highly experienced consulting, technology and engineering services business, which supports aerospace organisations worldwide.

Founded and headquartered in the UK, Telespazio VEGA is an important exporter to the international space market, with subsidiary companies in Germany, France and Spain and staff at client sites around the globe. Telespazio VEGA is also a founding member of the International Space Innovation Centre at Harwell in the UK. Based on over 30 years experience supporting the majority of European satellite missions and many others worldwide, Telespazio VEGA has built up unparalleled capabilities in:

  • Programme and Project Support
  • End-to-end Ground Systems
  • Simulations and Modelling
  • Systems and Operations Engineering

On 26 March 2012, Telespazio VEGA changed its name from VEGA Space Ltd. It is a subsidiary of Telespazio (a Finmeccanica / Thales company). With its network of four space centres, 25 operating sites and 2,500 employees around the globe, Telespazio is one of the world’s leading suppliers of satellite services.


Primary Contact

Rebecca Halls, Marketing Manager

Phone Number

01582 399 000

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01582 728 686

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