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By damian - April 26th, 2023 Posted in No comments


STAR-Dundee is a leading supplier of spacecraft on-board data-handling technology, delivering a comprehensive range of SpaceWire and SpaceFibre test and development equipment, chip designs and IP cores to the international aerospace industry.

SpaceWire is the de facto standard network technology for current spacecraft on-board data handling applications, already being used on over 100 spacecraft.

SpaceFibre is a new, multi-Gbits/s, on-board network technology which runs over both electrical and fibre-optic cables. SpaceFibre is capable of fulfilling a wide range of on-board communications applications because of its inbuilt quality of service (QoS) and fault detection, isolation and recovery (FDIR) capabilities. The innovative QoS mechanism provides concurrent bandwidth reservation, priority and scheduled QoS. Novel integrated FDIR support provides galvanic isolation, transparent recovery from transient errors, error containment and babbling node protection. SpaceFibre is backwards compatible with existing SpaceWire equipment at the packet level allowing simple interconnection of SpaceWire devices into a SpaceFibre network.​​

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+44 1382 225613

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