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By damian - February 19th, 2021 Posted in No comments


Spire is a space-powered data and analytics company leveraging its proprietary multi-purpose satellite constellation and sophisticated predictive analytics to offer unique insights and powerful solutions for Earth from the ultimate vantage point – space.

We collect unique Earth Information data that provides a real-time, truly global view of our environment, from beneath the surface of our planet to the edge of space.

Spire operates the biggest fleet of specialized RF satellites in the world and is the largest producer of radio occultation data. These highly accurate measurements of atmospheric conditions play a vital role in improving weather forecasting capabilities. Our rich data sets are also used to monitor space weather and study our oceans, winds and soils, fuelling research and catalysing new services and applications.

Through our Orbital Services, we provide fast, scalable and derisked access to space for companies, governments and research institutions, offering optimal infrastructure and solutions to deliver an array of space-based services.

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