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KBR ensures mission and project success for customers globally with capabilities supporting defence, intelligence, space, aviation and industrial.

KBR creates sustainable value and drives innovation by combining engineering, technical and scientific expertise with its full life cycle capabilities, mission knowledge and future-focused technologies, from research and development, test and evaluation, and systems engineering to programme management, operations, maintenance and field logistics. Known for excelling in complex and extreme environments, KBR is trusted to help its clients meet their most pressing challenges today and into the future.

Core Capabilities:

  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH – Quantum Science and Computing; Health and Human Performance; Life Science Research; Directed Energy; Earth Sciences; Robotic Space Systems; Materials Science
  • OPERATIONS – Command, Control and Communications; Space Domain Awareness; Human Spaceflight and Satellite Ops; Integrated Supply Chain and Logistics; Technical Training Services; Military Aviation Support; Equipment Maintenance; Portfolio Management
  • ENGINEERING SERVICES – Systems & Sustainment Engineering; Systems and Platform Integration; Test and Evaluation; Aerospace Acquisition Support; Rapid Prototyping; Consulting Services; Analysis of Alternatives
  • TECHNOLOGY – Sustainable IP; Advisory Services – Energy Transition; Digital Asset Optimization
  • INFORMATION OPERATIONS – Data Analytics; Offensive and Defensive Space and Cyber; Mission Planning Systems; AI and Machine Learning; Assured Microelectronics

Primary Contact

Jon Gould

Phone Number

+44 (0) 1372 865 058

Email Address

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