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Gardiner & Theobald

Gardiner & Theobald (G&T) is an independent construction and property consultancy established in 1835. We deliver core services of Programme Management, Project Management and Cost Management, and partner with trusted organisations to deliver complex infrastructure programmes that provide turnkey services to our customers.

We have been involved in the delivery of two of the UK’s spaceport programmes since 2018, Space Hub Sutherland and Prestwick Spaceport. In that time we have developed strong working relationships with US and UK launch service providers, UK Space Agency, CAA spaceflight team, Health & Safety Executive, DfT and other UK regulators and statutory consultees associated with the licensable conduct of space activities in the UK.

By providing turnkey services to our clients, we support the delivery of complex infrastructure programmes, working across all sectors including space, defence, aviation, manufacturing, commercial office, research and development. We are currently supporting several satellite operators and manufacturers in the delivery of new facilities and work with the MOD on Defence Equipment Support.

G&T is a member of the British Aviation Group, CAAs Spaceport Launch and Orbit Group, is an observer on DfTs Spaceflight Safety Regulatory Council and submitted a comprehensive consultation response of the draft Space Industry Regulations in 2020.

We are passionate about three things: delivering a truly world class service for our clients, investing in the best people to deliver that service and remaining financially strong and independent.

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