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By damian - February 19th, 2016 Posted in No comments

EchoStar Mobile

EchoStar Mobile leads the way in providing next generation mobile broadband, data and voice services. It is a next generation Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) operator engaged in providing access to satellite and terrestrial network infrastructure that supports advanced mobile communications across Europe. Its capability and infrastructure assets enable the deployment of broadband, data and voice services for mobile devices across the European Union. The company’s integrated network, combining the ubiquity of satellites with the deep coverage available with terrestrial broadband networks, provides a powerful and efficient way of delivering mobile services to people on the move across Europe.

Operating across the whole of the EU in frequency bands adjacent to the existing 3G mobile bands, EchoStar Mobile’sĀ integrated network design opens up new opportunities to deliver next generation broadband, data and voice services. Working with its partners, EchoStar Mobile will provide customers with the ability to have access to advanced mobile satellite and terrestrial broadband services wherever they are in Europe.

EchoStar Mobile is uniquely positioned to deliver next generation networks to meet 21st century mobile demands.

Primary Contact

Peter Couch

Phone Number

01908 425 300

Email Address

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