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By damian - April 9th, 2015 Posted in No comments

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

In the 1970s, the company’s founder, Bruce Smith, developed system-engineering techniques for NASA’s Apollo space programme. BAE Systems still solves similarly complex and demanding challenges for its clients and delivers solutions which help them protect and enhance their business operations in the connected world. The company’s solutions combine large-scale data exploitation, ‘intelligence-grade’ security and complex services and solutions integration.

Leading enterprises and government departments use BAE Systems’ solutions to protect, secure and optimise their physical infrastructure, mission-critical systems, valuable intellectual property and corporate information, and enhance their reputation and customer relationships, competitive advantage and financial success.

The Applied Intelligence division of BAE Systems is perfectly positioned to help its clients meet the challenges of operating in the intelligence age. Today, it has over 4,000 staff in 40 offices serving clients across the UK and Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

BAE Systems has a heritage in delivering communications intelligence capabilities to national security and defence clients. In particular, it has expertise in reconfigurable and reprogrammable high performance space processors, satellite antenna design and a deep technical understanding of end-to-end satellite communications with respect to protection, security and optimisation.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is a registered trademark of BAE Systems plc.

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