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Alden Legal

Alden Legal are unique in Europe for our satellite and space expertise.

Alden Legal are thought-leading and trusted legal, regulatory, policy and consultancy experts for the satellite, space, communications and applications industries.

Our team is able to provide bespoke advice and added value to our clients’ businesses as we are fully immersed in industry and can quickly understand the complex challenges that our clients face and create innovative solutions. We combine legal, regulatory, policy and consulting advice as required to meet the objectives of our clients.

We have particular experience in all forms of:

  • Regulatory and policy matters (UK national, European and international)
  • Government affairs, including national security
  • Data management and privacy issues
  • Commercial and finance contracts.

We have been quoted as “the single most knowledgeable law firm in the UK about space and satellite regulations” by Chambers & Partners and as being “instrumental in projects consultations across the world” by Financial Times.”

Primary Contact

Joanne Wheeler MBE

Phone Number

+44 (0)20 3488 3335

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