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- August 18th, 2022 Posted in News

UKspace’s new Chair, John Hanley, has called for the UK to “double-down on our support for the space economy”, following him taking up his new role at the UK space industry’s trade association today.

John, who is Senior Vice President, Secure and Assured Space Solutions for CGI in the UK and Australia, takes over from Nick Shave who has been in post since July 2020.

John said: “Space has always inspired young people – and our growing sector is turning that inspiration into well-paid jobs. There has never been a more important time than now to double-down on our support for the British space economy – to address global challenges and provide a route to future prosperity for UK businesses and citizens.

“Over the next two years, as we move towards the next Comprehensive Spending Review, I want the UK’s space sector to continue punching above its weight, and I am looking forward to UKspace playing its role in strengthening partnerships and driving our future success. To do this, we must support the UK’s space industry – from start-ups to multi-nationals – to deliver services that enable innovation across many British industries, enhance our critical national infrastructure, protect our national security and provide many more breakthroughs in scientific understanding,” he added.

Alongside John, Doug Liddle, CEO of In-Space Missions, will be working as Vice-Chair of UKspace for the same period. It is the custom and practice in UKspace that the Vice-Chair will then assume the role of Chair for the following two years, from August 2024.

UKspace President, Will Whitehorn, said: “The space industry globally is now crucial to the survival of our species on this planet as our population heads above 9 billion and faces the dual issues of climate change and resources pressure. John has a wealth of experience in the industry, is immensely respected and has identified the particular challenges and opportunities to the UK space industry in supporting the country and our global customer base. I know he will do a superb job tackling those issues on our behalf. He will be working alongside a great team including our new President Dr Alice Bunn OBE, whom I will be handing over the role of President in September. I wish them both well in these exciting but also difficult times for the industry.”

About John Hanley
John is a Senior Vice President and lead for the Secure and Assured Space Solutions Sector for CGI in the UK and Australia, responsible for a team of 370+ highly qualified engineers. John is part of the senior leadership team in CGI’s Space, Defence and Intelligence business unit which has been developing, delivering, operating and supporting the UK Space, Defence and Intelligence communities for over 40 years. In addition to his UKspace role, John is also chair of the UK’s National Space Skills Advisory Panel, responsible for championing and coordinating activities for the space sector which will assure the skilled, diverse and innovative workforce that the sector will need to support the ambitious growth envisaged.