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- May 28th, 2019 Posted in Thought Leadership

Space is enabling growth for the UK economy.

This boost is being felt in many areas of our daily lives.

From agriculture to transport, many sectors have been transformed, bringing us closer and closer to a space-enabled future.

But, many are still in the dark about how we’re getting there.

So, let’s take a closer look. Here’s how space is helping UK businesses.

A Boost from Space

First things first, here’s a glimpse into just how significant space is when it comes to the UK economy.

The space industry itself contributes over £9 billion to the economy, employing over 29,000 people.

However, space technology is being utilised everywhere – transcending across sectors and industries.

Some examples include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Security
  • Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare

Unsurprisingly, this is benefitting UK businesses in countless different ways.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships are essential for propelling businesses forwards. They can address weaknesses, increase output and maximise efficiency. The overall impact of these on the UK economy has been huge.

Space collaboration has benefitted a number of businesses in a variety of different ways.

For example, urban planning has been transformed by space technology. Satellites can monitor potential places for development, collecting data on routes, power supplies, renewable energy sources and residential areas. This can then be fed back, processed and mapped out.

Optimising a city layout has a number of benefits, such as reducing congestion.

This has been entirely enabled by space and its technologies.

New Technologies

Adopting new technologies is essential for business growth. Organisations must be willing to adapt and embrace changes that will improve efficiency and output.

Space allows for the usage of many different technologies. For example, autonomous tractors enabled by satellites will be able to optimise yields and improve the lives of farmers.

Space tech is also being utilised in healthcare – fighting cancer and air pollution. It does this by enabling artificial intelligence to detect the warning signs much earlier – a massive breakthrough for the modern world.

Investment Opportunities

Investment is hugely important for any business, big or small. New funding can allow an organisation to drive forward and meet its goals.

The use of space technology helps businesses attract different investors, including those from overseas. This tech is shaping our future, so it’s unsurprising that many want to be involved.

Creating Jobs

The relationship between space and business goes both ways.

Many UK businesses are now working to help the space industry itself – mobilising a skilled workforce and creating thousands of jobs.

For example, many organisations are involved in software design or systems integration for space technology. Researchers are also highly valuable to the industry.

This gives talented individuals the opportunity to propel a booming sector forwards – building a better future for us all.

Innovation Opportunities

British tech is being utilised in space, providing many exciting opportunities for innovators to take advantage of.


The UK is home to a number of talented individuals and creative minds, all with the power to change our futures for the better.

It appears space is providing one outlet for them to do this, calling for innovators and their ideas.

The future of space is an exciting one – and the UK is proving to be hugely important for driving it forwards!