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- May 22nd, 2013 Posted in Uncategorised

22 May 2013 – Inmarsat the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite communications services, has today announced it will be working with Satcom Direct, the provider of satellite voice, fax, datalink and Internet communications solutions, to take its GX Aviation proposition to the business aviation market.

Responding to passenger, airline and business jet operators’ needs, GX Aviation offers consistent, global coverage with the level of broadband speeds, data rates and bandwidth that consumers are used to receiving on the ground. After signing an agreement with Honeywell, the designated business aviation reseller for Inmarsat’s GX Aviation Ka-band connectivity services, Satcom Direct has become a business aviation partner for Inmarsat GX Aviation services and will be a distributor of GX Avionics equipment manufactured by Honeywell.

“Satcom Direct is a very important Inmarsat partner, so we are delighted that they will be adding our GX Aviation services to their product portfolio which includes Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband for the business aviation sector,” said Leo Mondale, Managing Director for Inmarsat GX. “As the first high-speed global broadband aviation service, GX Aviation offers consistent connectivity, including the ability to stream Internet content live or hold uninterrupted video calls from 30,000 feet. The service will revolutionize connectivity in the sky.”

Offering not only a premium experience to consumers, GX Aviation enables total network provision for the entire aircraft, providing new services to aircraft operators, crew and air traffic control, such as predictive maintenance and enhanced communications regardless of location. Inmarsat’s GX Aviation Ka-band is scheduled to be commercially available in early 2015.