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- March 8th, 2021 Posted in News

GRC Ltd. (Global RadioData Communications Ltd.), specialist in mission critical communications saw the need to provide advanced solutions that would satisfy a range of customer requirements. Their goal was to offer high-quality, reliable connectivity services that could easily be set up in remote and hostile locations to support civil defense, first responders and industrial operations.

Increasing demand for data-intensive applications such as video streaming and real-time data transfer continue to put pressure on legacy service providers. Current solutions lack the optimal mix of bandwidth, coverage and pricing, hampering GRC’s ability to effectively serve their customers.

This need was raised while Intelsat had just developed FlexMove, a high-throughput satellite (HTS) managed service that provides high-quality video and broadband connectivity for communications on-the-move and on-the-pause.

“Intelsat engineers and innovators are laser-focused on developing flexible, affordable managed services that help our customers connect and communicate seamlessly, no matter where their business may take them,” said Intelsat Senior Vice President for Mobility Mark Rasmussen. “Our new FlexMove service provides a breakthrough in speed, convenience and affordability, ultimately enabling more companies and organizations to operate with confidence in even the most remote or challenging locations.”

With FlexMove, complexity inherent to satellite network management has been rigorously streamlined. And with a portfolio of pre-configured terminals that feature easy-to-use controls and interfaces, GRC’s customers can access reliable, high-speed connectivity in just minutes from any location around the world minus any specialized training.

Service plans are sold by the gigabyte (GB) with speed up to 20x faster than legacy networks. FlexMove is ideal for recurring users and those who may need to deploy occasionally at a moment’s notice. It also enables GRC to bundle their value-added services such as 24/7 support. With the power and flexibility of FlexMove, GRC continues to craft effective solutions on their terms, ensuring the right fit for their customers.

“GRC are delighted to be selected as an Intelsat FlexMove partner and as a testament to the services, features and cost-effective gigabyte plans, we’ve already got customers signed up from both the Defense and Government sectors,” said GRC Managing Director Steve Slater. “We anticipate FlexMove will continue to grow over the coming months, and combined with our single case secure comms SCYTALE and SATCUBE package, the capability is a game changer for the rapid notice-to-move deployments common to Defense and First Response users, or anyone looking for an easy to operate, high-bandwidth satellite solution.”

Potential solution partners, technology developers and end-users interested in the FlexMove service can visit