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- March 20th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorised

Are you interested in hosting an intern for Satellite Applications Internship programme 2015?

20 March 2015 – Participants are being invited to participate in this year’s Internship programme for postgraduates and companies in the satellite applications industry.

The Satellite Applications Postgraduates Internship programme is:

  • A ten to twelve-week paid work experience programme
  • An opportunity for a postgraduate student (or recent graduate) to work on a company project that has commercial value to the organisation.
  • An opportunity for the organisation to receive part-funding for the intern’s labour cost (subject to criteria and selection)

Project requirements

You are required to submit your expression of interest. The criteria is that the project:

  • Has commercial value to the company’s activities.
  • Activities are related to the satellite applications industry
  • Is challenging enough for the student

GRACE will select six projects and fund 50% of labour cost of the intern!

For more details, please visit the Satellite Internship site.


  • Companies are required to submit project details by 31st March.
  • GRACE will select six projects between1 to 15 April
  • Student details will be circulated to companies followed by selection of students by companies (first-come-first-serve) between 15 to 21 April.
  • Work on projects begins 01 June and ends 30 September.
  • Each intern will provide a report on the experience of being an intern with a section from the host giving their feedback by 31 October.

If you wish to discuss an application, contact us at or 0115 82 32335.