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- November 29th, 2017 Posted in Uncategorised

Nicofe logo29 November 2017 – Ed Fagan Europe, the European agent for US-based Ed Fagan Inc., (EFI), has rebranded as Nicofe Materials Ltd. The Devon headquartered supplier of premium quality, special purpose metals and alloys retains the same trading relationship with EFI, and offers customers the same high standard of service and technical support from the same team. The new name, Nicofe, was created around the periodic symbols of some of the company’s most popular material components – Nickel, Cobalt and Iron.

Commenting on the rebrand, EFI’s CEO, Ed Fagan said: “As part of our overall strategy, we’ve encouraged our trading partners to adopt individual identities that align with their regional markets. We’re pleased to confirm our on-going support for the Nicofe team in Europe – they continue to represent the Ed Fagan name and our values of product and service excellence. We’re committed to doing all we can to help Nicofe build their European business.”

The rebrand is accompanied by the launch of a new website that introduces the Nicofe branding and reinforces the company’s market positioning. “The name change and rebranding have presented a great opportunity to reflect on what’s important to us as a business and how we move forward,” explained Nicofe Managing Director, Chris Mahn.

“We’ve got the same team in place with the same can-do attitude, and for our customers, that means a continuing focus on delivering high performance specialist materials through EFI, knowledgeable technical advice, and the best service in the business. We’ve always taken a flexible approach to meeting the specific product needs of our customers, and we’ll now be looking at additional ways of satisfying those demands.”