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- August 31st, 2016 Posted in Uncategorised

31 August 2016 – The European Commission (EC) is inviting Expressions of Interest for the (unpaid) opportunity to become a Copernicus Relay. The Network of Copernicus Relays is a concept and process whereby the EC will work closely with different stakeholders to foster the use of Copernicus data and information with one or more Relays per Copernicus participating country.

The Relays are to be recognised by users as dedicated representatives and permanent interlocutors on Copernicus, acting as principal helpdesks/information points on the Programme. They will provide stakeholders, the general public and experienced users with technical assistance and foster awareness activities. A bottom-up approach is also foreseen since the structure should be perceived as a user-feedback mechanism to the Commission services.

The Relays will act as multipliers, developing initiatives to reach two different sets of objectives:

1. To promote Copernicus as a sustainable source of free, open and reliable information to meet the needs of local public services.
2. To promote Copernicus as sustainable source of full, free, open, and reliable data for the development of environmental services with high commercial potential by local entrepreneurs.

For more information, please visit