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- February 24th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorised

European Commission logo24 February 2015 – UKspace and CGI are looking for transport-related ESA Integrated Applications Projects in which our members are involved, following a request made by Keir Fitch, the Head of the Research and Innovative Transport Systems Unit, at the European Commission in Brussels. This is as a result of the visit by the UKspace European Affairs Group to Brussels earlier this month.

Mr Fitch’s motivation is to better understand where space can add value in the transport sector.

At this stage, we are seeking ESA IAP projects only, otherwise the list would be enormous, and our objective is to illustrate rather than be comprehensive. Further visits to Brussels will be planned in due course, so there will be opportunities to follow up and to explore how to turn Mr Fitch’s interest into business opportunities.

A preliminary list of relevant CGI projects can be downloaded for further information.

Please submit all responses via email to Pat Norris by Friday 6 March.