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- February 6th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorised

DCMS logo6 February 2014 – In July 2013, the Department for Culture Media and Sport published Connectivity, Content and Consumers – Britain’s digital platform for growth.

This report recognised the role that digital infrastructure and connectivity has in delivering economic and social benefits. The report announced the intention to develop a digital communications infrastructure strategy to ensure that the UK has the right infrastructure in place to meet the needs of users in 2025-30 and ensure that the UK remains a leading digital nation.

The terms of reference for the strategy have now been published, and DCMS is inviting views on the issues that it seeks to address. DCSM welcomes comments and views are welcome from all users – consumer, business or public sector – as well as providers of communication services and infrastructure on topics such as the future demand for connectivity, the drivers for that demand, how this demand can be met and who needs to do what to ensure our infrastructure is capable of meeting user demand over the next 10-15 years.

These contributions will be used to inform an interim report, which we aim to publish in July 2014, that will be the subject of further consultation. The finalised strategy is due in December 2013.

Please respond to by 28 March 2014.

Although DCMS currently has no plans to publish responses, the expectation should be that they are in the public domain.