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- October 18th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorised

Codamotion's office in Bitburg, Germany18 October 2016 – Codamotion, leading innovator in 3D motion capture technology, announces the opening of its European office, as markets for Sports Science, Rehabilitation, Aerospace and Industrial Automation provide dynamic growth prospects in the region.

The current social-economic situation in Europe is creating strong demand for technologies that service an aging population, increase industrial productivity and reduce energy usage. Government and private investment in these areas is strong and 3D motion capture is a major enabling factor for progress, as researchers and product designers strive to enhance their understanding of human and machine movement and their interaction with the world around us.

Jon Gamble, Head of Global Sales & Marketing for Codamotion commented: “3D motion measurement can enhance lives for rehab patients, enable new fields of research in human movement, help athletes excel and allow manufacturing companies to innovate through improved understanding and control of complex dynamic systems. We are therefore very excited to announce the opening of our new European office in the historic town of Bitburg. I am also delighted to welcome Roman Brunner to the team as Senior Sales Engineer. The office location at the meeting point of the borders of Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium, together with Roman’s multi-lingual capabilities and extensive experience running large 3D motion capture labs places us in an ideal position to offer the responsive, knowledgeable and highly personal level of customer service expected by Codamotion users across Europe.”