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- March 23rd, 2018 Posted in Uncategorised

Chloe Smith MP visits Micross Components23 March 2018 – Norwich North MP, Chloe Smith, has visited Hellesdon-based space-industry company, Micross Components for a tour of their factory and to meet staff. Micross was honoured to have this opportunity to showcase Micross’ capabilities and its continuing desire to serve the space community.

Chloe was invited to visit the company after she welcomed them to Westminster in January to attend the Parliamentary Space Committee’s Winter Reception. Chloe was keen to learn more about the work of Micross and their plans for expansion and growth.

When visiting the Micross factory in Norwhich, where the business has been for some 30 years, the MP said: “Businesses like Micross had a big part to play in the region’s economy. We should be proud of the innovators and job-creators we have in Norfolk. If we celebrate them we can attract more.”

Richard Gibbs, Managing Director of Micross, commented: “Growth of the UK Space Industry forms a key part of the government’s recently published Industrial Strategy, so it was a great pleasure to host local MP Chloe Smith here at the Micross Norwich facility. Micross have been producing high reliability semiconductor products specifically designed to withstand the rigours of space for over 20 years. These include electronic components that can withstand the shock, vibration and G-force associated with rocket launch and the extremes of temperature and radiation experienced during long term, low earth orbit operation.”

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