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To address the current skills shortage in the space industry, UKspace is partnering with Redeployable to provide career opportunities in the space sector for ex-forces personnel.

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Redeployable is a platform that connects highly skilled ex-military candidates with roles in a variety of areas across the UK space industry. Candidates can take on these jobs because their military experience provides them with a host of transferable skills including leadership, problem-solving, adaptability and teamwork, alongside high level technical skills.

Through UKspace’s 12-month subscription to Redeployable, SME member companies will have free access to the platform and can use its smart-matching algorithm to find the ideal candidates to fill vacant positions. Hiring managers can be confident that by using the platform, it will save them many hours usually spent sifting through candidates and hosting interviews. The platform also ensures that candidates hired will be adaptable, skilled and highly driven.

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Finding and selecting an appropriate skilled workforce in the space industry has its challenges, with many UKspace members facing ongoing recruitment difficulties relating to a national skills shortage. This exciting collaboration with Redeployable provides our members with an easy to use platform that matches ex-service personnel or veterans already in the commercial world – who often have many of the skills needed to work in the space sector – to the plethora of skilled space jobs on offer. UKspace also applauds the ‘blind recruitment’ approach which ensures diverse and non-bias selection. We are delighted to be one of the first to partner with Redeployable.

Lizzie Kerr, Director, UKspace
Ben Read

I'm super excited that Redeployable is collaborating with UKspace on this mission! It's massive for the military community, and massive for the space industry. Harnessing the skills of the military will propel the UK space sector closer its 10% global space market share target. For our candidates, it's an incredible opportunity for their post-military careers.

Ben Read, Founder and CEO, Redeployable


HM Armed Forces Personnel

British Armed Forces is a unique and hugely diverse talent pool, with an estimated 1.1 million* personnel in the UK alone – made up of people who are committed, adaptable and resilient. (*Royal British Legion)


Low rate of absence

79% of SMEs and large organisations agree that military veterans have lower rates of absence than other employees (Deloitte)


Recommending veterans

Almost three quarters of organisations with active ex-military recruitment programmes would definitely recommend employing veterans (Deloitte)


Ex-service personnel

Leave British military forces annually, seeking civilian employment.



Redeployable has over 250 job opportunities currently.