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- June 10th, 2021 Posted in News

In cutting-edge trials BMT conducts its first-ever remote, simulator-based ship navigation training programme – the latest REMBRANDT digital configuration is a full mission DNV approved ship simulator solution that’s targeted at multiple training stakeholders, including those onboard and ashore, and benefits from de-risked and highly immersive learning environments

BMT’s REMBRANDT, an award-winning immersive maritime simulator, has successfully trialled its first virtually operated maritime simulation. This ‘digital advance’ will enable maritime operators and trainers to safely plan, train and prepare for marine navigation in a simulated environment operated from a remote computer. This cutting-edge trial was delivered in partnership with SeaChange Resources and their BridgeQuest training course.

BridgeQuest leverages REMBRANDT’s advanced simulation technology and reconstruction play back functionality to deliver high quality leadership training using a single platform. The course coaches virtual participants through the ‘high-stress’ situation of a simulated maritime collision to support the development of communication, collaboration and situational awareness skills.

The complex computational models and hydrodynamic engines that underpin REMBRANDT’s leading maritime navigation simulator have previously required installation of the software on a ‘local’ computer to run effectively. Following significant investment from BMT, this mature and growing innovation capability that’s been developed over a 20 year period has now been optimised to virtual operation of the software, enabling multiple users to remotely view, operate and analyse a maritime simulation using the latest technological advancements.

Dr Phil Thompson, Director of Simulation and Training Products at BMT said, “This digital advancement is a new watermark that best serves increasing global demands in ship navigation simulation. Until now, simulations could only be experienced by those in the immediate vicinity of the computer hardware. This now enables greater levels of collaboration online and the creation of more sophisticated models unrestrained by existing ‘local’ hardware. Ultimately, this will provide a more realistic, safer and cost-efficient enhancement of live practical training for operators and trainers within de-risked and immersive learning environments.”

Adding to Phil’s comments, Kim Parrott CEO of SeaChange Resources said, “This is a real game-changer for remote leadership training and team development. Historically, this sort of training and leadership coaching required face-to-face workshops. However, by creating an immersive environment which participants can participate in remotely, we’re able to effectively develop leadership and collaboration skills online.”

BridgeQuest’s remote leadership training applies bridge resource management principles from the maritime industry. It encompasses five sessions where the virtual team members collaborate to conduct an accident and root cause analysis investigation through BMT’s REMBRANDT technology. Also, they then coordinate as a unified Bridge Team of Captain, Navigator and Helm in “What-If” scenarios to resolve the accident. Throughout their 15-hour virtual experience, they are supported by expert coaching to develop key skills and safety responses.