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- October 14th, 2021 Posted in Education, News

Blue Peter’s Awesome Orbit Competition is giving children aged 15 and under the chance to name a satellite, design an emblem for it and have that design engraved onto the metal casing before it is launched into space. Entries close on 27 October 2021.

The winner will be granted VIP access to some of the most specialised satellite testing facilities in the UK as well as getting the chance to take control of a Mars Rover on a specially created Martian landscape. The winner will also receive an Orange Blue Peter competition winner’s badge.

Entries should be creative, original and ensure the emblem design and the name of your satellite bring to life the idea of how satellites can be used in the future to help us here on Earth. Make sure that the answer to our question is clear, passionate and innovative (something that hasn’t yet been thought of!)

Further information and entry