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- January 20th, 2021 Posted in News

Astroscale Holdings Inc. (“Astroscale”), the market leader in securing long-term orbital sustainability, today announced that its End-of-Life Services by Astroscale-demonstration (ELSA-d) satellite has arrived at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, ready for anticipated launch on March 20, 2021. ELSA-d will launch on a Soyuz rocket operated by GK Launch Services.

“We can now begin the final phase of pre-launch activities, including integration of the satellite on the rocket and operational control testing from our In-Orbit Servicing Control Centre in the U.K.,” said Nobu Okada, Founder and CEO of Astroscale. “Despite the challenges of navigating a global pandemic for the past year, our team has stayed focused and forged ahead with mission execution — learning, adapting and progressing with every milestone. With the arrival of ELSA-d to Baikonur, we’re one step closer to demonstrating our debris removal capabilities to the world. I am proud of our team and excited for the launch.”

The ELSA-d mission is the first to demonstrate the core technologies necessary for space debris docking and removal, a major step towards expanding on-orbit services and achieving Astroscale’s vision of safe and sustainable space for the benefit of future generations.