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- March 30th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorised

Arundel Astronautics logo30 March 2016 – Arundal Astronautics Ltd, an engineering company based in Devon that specialises in design solutions for Spacecraft systems, officially formed in January 2016 and consists of three focus areas: Research and Development in Spacecraft Engineering, Engineering Contracting and Training / Education of Space Science & Astronomy.

“Although there are local companies working within the Space Industry, they provide components or individual systems for other spacecraft missions and it is the hope of Arundal Astronautics that specialised spacecraft design and research will be conducted, forming collaborations with local companies and academic institutes to achieve this,” said Richard Arundal, Director of Arundal Astronautics. “Torbay is well known for being an area of technology expertise and it is an excellent opportunity to further bring together the engineering community and strengthen bonds with the wider Space Industry.”

For the educational aspect of Arundal Astronautics, information days and lectures will be conducted to educate participants of current Space Engineering and Science news to promote STEM subjects in local educational institutes, as well as providing training / networking opportunities for future engineers.

Engineering contracts are currently conducted by Richard, who is a qualified engineer of 14 years looking to provide a service that gives independent expertise in engineering, science and technology to a variety of disciplines primarily in the aerospace industry.  Richard has experience in Engineering, Military and Aerospace environments, combined with a BSc in Technology, MSc in Astronautics & Space Engineering in addition to currently researching with the Space Research Centre at Cranfield University, Milton Keynes.