A Satellite-Enabled World

Satellites can guide, locate and connect everything – securely, efficiently, and stress-free. For a generation always on the move, and always in touch, satellites teach, inform and entertain wherever we are. The TV, internet, and games consoles will all one day rely on satellites for reliability, accuracy and mobile connectivity.

Satellites are increasingly safeguarding our quality of life and personal safety. The movement – of people and things – is quicker, safer and kinder to the environment. Satellites today guide our cars, reducing congestion and saving energy. Tomorrow, they may drive them. Satellites help people at risk, such as children and the elderly, to be cared for in the comfort of their own homes. Health monitoring and alert devices can today be provided anywhere, allowing us all to lead fuller lives.

For many of us, satellites will let us take the ‘old age home’ out of our old age. In Africa, satellite-based medical support is already saving thousands of lives. Shortly, mobiles will be routinely fitted with satellite navigation, allowing the emergency services to locate callers automatically.