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- October 11th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorised

EUTELSAT 5 West B11 October 2016 – Airbus Defence and Space with Orbital ATK have been selected by Eutelsat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators, to build the company’s latest video satellite, EUTELSAT 5 West B, in partnership.

According to the terms of the contract signed between the three companies, Airbus Defence and Space will lead the team and be co-prime contractor with Orbital ATK for the development and construction of EUTELSAT 5 West B. Airbus Defence and Space will provide the communications payload operating in Ku-band. The satellite will be based on Orbital ATK’s GEOStar platform.

Scheduled for launch in 2018, EUTELSAT 5 West B will have a launch mass of around three tonnes and 5 kW of power.

EUTELSAT 5 West B will replace the EUTELSAT 5 West A satellite at 5° West, a key orbital position serving mainly video markets in Europe and North Africa. EUTELSAT 5 West B will provide business continuity at this position via a Ku-band payload of 35 equivalent 36MHz transponders, connected to three service areas, with switchable transponders increasing commercial flexibility.