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- October 16th, 2020 Posted in News

UKspace fully supports the 2020 ‘Size and Health of the UK space industry’ survey​ organised by the UK Space Agency, in an effort to demonstrate the significant economic, scientific and innovation contribution that the UK space sector continues to provide.

This is the fourth such survey, following the 2014, 2016 and 2018 editions, the most recent of which demonstrated a significant rise in income, exports and employment across the nation. The 2020 survey, which is being conducted by, is once again open to any company or organisation operating in the UK space industry.

UKspace Chair, Nick Shave, said: “I urge all our members, as well as any others organisations working in the UK space sector, to complete this survey. Over the past decade, our industry has proven its incredible value to UK economic security, with the 2018 report indicating that our direct contribution to UK GDP was £5.7 billion, with £300 billion more activity in the economy supported by satellite services.

“Furthermore, our world-class innovation is apparent in so many aspects of satellite services which underpin global communications and the Internet of Things, space systems design and advanced manufacturing, as well as New Space technologies – from cubesats to low cost launchers.

“By once again clearly demonstrating our critical importance to the UK, we look forward to the Government investing in the sector to continue on our growth trajectory enabling many security, economic and inspirational benefits for the nation, and becoming a modern space power.”

There are 18 questions to answer, covering UK operations and focusing on your most recent financial year. The survey remains open until the end of 2020.