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- January 9th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorised

SpIN9 January 2015 – The Space Internship Network (SpIN) is launching its 2015  programme, by inviting employers to submit projects and host student placements in the summer of 2015. Once projects are agreed, students from across multiple disciplines will be invited to apply, providing participating companies with the cream of this year’s undergraduates coming from disciplines they need.

Reading University’s Kathie Bowden, who manages the SpIN programme, said: “As employers are very aware, finding the right, work-ready, graduates can be challenging. SpIN has been designed to provide an introductory link for undergraduate students considering employment in the space sector, and for industry looking to find the most talented and enthusiastic people to ensure the future success of their businesses.

“The value of practical experience is recognised for the student, and it also bring benefits to the host supervisor and organisation, with a project carried out which you may not otherwise have achieved, with a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective. Other advantages include developing useful contacts with a new university partner, influencing a student’s direction of travel towards a career, and having the opportunity to thoroughly test out a potential employee for the future. These, and more, have been reported outcomes from the past two years of SpIN,” explained Kathie.

Since SpIN was launched in 2013, feedback included:

  • Students recognise the importance of key skills whilst they’re still in a position to do something about gaining them at University
  • Places that are not filled reinforce our knowledge of areas that need to be bolstered in the employee supply chain, and can be fed back to the universities
  • Several SpINterns have gone on to be employed by their hosts
  • At least two students have had their Masters studies supported by their host companies
  • One student will be spending time with his host as he studies for a PhD

As part of the participation, host companies are asked to ensure that students are properly remunerated for their work. SpIN can offer some support for SMEs who provide an opportunity for a SpIN student, but it has a limited funding ‘pot’, so interested hosts should express their interest early.

For further details about SpIN, please visit or email Kathie Bowden.