Reaction Engines

Reaction Engines is a UK-based company formed in 1989 to design and develop the technologies needed for a new class of innovative hypersonic propulsion system – the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE).

It has achieved a breakthrough in aerospace engine technology by developing ultra-lightweight heat exchangers. These are capable of cooling airstreams from over 1,000°C to -150°C in less than 1/20th of a second with world leading compactness and low weight. Developed for the high speed SABRE engines, the heat exchangers stop engine components from overheating at high flight speeds, opening up a new era of high speed flight. SABRE class engines will enable aircraft to fly over five times the speed of sound in the atmosphere and allow space launch vehicles to be built that will radically improve the affordability and responsiveness of access to space.

Reaction Engines is focused on delivering a ground based demonstration of the SABRE engine, an event as significant as the first ground test of the jet engine. The company is supported by a £60m funding commitment from the UK Government via the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency, and has had a recent £20.6m investment by BAE Systems.

The company has begun partnering with aerospace suppliers to deliver a ground-based SABRE demonstrator engine.

Primary Contact

Lorraine Fry

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+44 (0)1865 520200

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Building F5 Culham Science Centre Abingdon Oxon, OX14 3DB