With a reputation for delivering ‘best-in-class’ solutions to high-profile customers in the space industry, CRITICAL Software has provided software services and products for mission-critical subsystems and interfaces since 1998.

Working in the space, ground and earth observation sectors, CRITICAL Software is established as a reliable, proactive and cost-effective partner for customers seeking innovative solutions for their most demanding challenges. Its activities range from system or solution development to specialised services such as on-board development and independent product assurance.

With a blend of skills that comes from operating in the space sector for more than 15 years, CRITICAL Software engineering teams are exceptionally familiar with the sector’s standards and requirements. From the production of high-integrity software solutions to the development of customised systems using the best available technologies and modelling methodologies, CRITICAL Software has the expertise to deliver success.

CRITICAL Software has a presence in the UK since 2006, with offices in Southampton and Yeovil. CRITICAL Software also have offices in Portugal, Germany, USA, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique.

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Bruno Carvalho

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+44 (0) 2380111339

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4 Benham Road Southampton Science Park Chilworth, Southampton SO16 7QJ United Kingdom