Cobham Technical Services works at the leading-edge of innovation by undertaking advanced design and development to produce high performance niche products and custom components, state-of-the-art electromagnetic modelling software and comprehensive lightning testing and consultancy services.

Industry-leading technology is delivered to government departments and global companies across defence, aerospace and commercial market sectors.

For the space market, Cobham Technical Services provides advanced products and technologies for communications, navigation and surveillance. Products include high efficiency flat-plate X/Ka-band array antennas and portable satcom terminals, high-performance C/X/Ku/Ka/EHF-band reflector-based flyaway satcom antennas and feed systems, smart antennas and multi-standard GNSS with adaptive signal-processing. Cobham Technical Services also provides world-class custom design and test services.

Cobham Technical Services is based across four UK sites at Leatherhead, Surrey (Technology and Systems); Newmarket (Microwave Antennas); Kidlington, Oxfordshire (Vector Fields Software); and Abingdon, Oxfordshire (Lightning Testing and Consultancy).

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Adrian Payne

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01372 367322

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01372 367138

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Cleeve Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7SA